Smoke Free Kerala
Smoke Free Kerala
Idukki district declared as tobacco free Educational Institution district in India. Public Smoking-Health Department started fine collection in Pathanamthitta. District and Taluk level enforcement squads constituted in Kasaragod. Training of Health Inspectors conducted in Kannur. All police personals of Kannur trained by Health Inspector. Waynad is going to be Smoke Free soon. Kollam is having 91% compliance on Section 4.

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Kerala the southern state of Kerala is always have a special position in social development of India. Since Independence in most of the social indicators Kerala has been in the first three places. Habitation nature, geography, political commitment, culture etc. are the major contributing factors in these achievements. Kerala has a highly evolved education and public health system which has been instrumental in curbing spread of epidemics which affect the rest of India or other developing countries. As a price of its development, Kerala has a high contribution of morbidity and mortality from non communicable diseases (NCDs).As per the GATS India report, Kerala is having an over all 21.4 % of tobacco users and out of that 13.4 % of smokers. The current level of exposure to second hand smoke of adults is 41.8%.

Since 1998 Kerala VHS has been implementing various awareness programmes against the use of tobacco in the state. In 2007, Voluntary Health Association of India (our national apex body) supported Kerala VHS's tobacco control measurers through their BGI supported tobacco control project with the technical support of The Union. The project provided Kerala VHS a chance of systematic and scientific implementation tobacco control measurers in the state. The project developed district and state level resource centers and declared Kottayam as the first smoke free district in India. The declaration was done in 27th September 2008 before the govt. ban on smoking in public places. Thereafter in 2010 with the direct support of BGI and the technical advice of The Union, Kerala VHS initiated smoke free interventions in Ernakulam and Thiruvananthapuram. In both the district the programme implemented well and part of Ernakulam was declared as smoke free on 31st January 2011. Thereafter in 27th October 2011 the Ernakulam district declared as smoke free. In 2012 onwards Kerala VHS is working for to replicate our best practice in other district of Kerala and make the whole state as a smoke free health hump by 2013.

We have three most important tool kits for this. The first one is the Indian tobacco control law and subsequent orders and the second one is the proceedings and orders we developed as part of our previous and on going interventions. The third one is the WHO's MPOWER package, on tobacco control. We will also channelized and utilized experience of VHAI our national net work, AFTC in which Kerala VHS is a member and other national and international organization.

Kerala VHS already initiated district level coalition in all districts of Kerala. The high level committee chaired by the head of district administration is constituted 13 out of 14 districts. The coalition constituted under the leadership of a lead NGO will be the district level implementing body. The project team constituted by Kerala VHS under its Executive Director will be the core team.

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